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Single Review: Rosen – Riot

I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I hit play on this track but man alive am I happy with what I found!

I’ve always had a soft spot for nu-metal and rap/rock hybrids, but I find that there tends to be no middle ground with them. They’re either incredible or awful, but I’m pleased to report that this new single from Rosen is definitely the former.

The quintet are probably one of the most musically and culturally diverse bands that have featured on these pages in recent times, if ever. The group is comprised of members from Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark and Iran but Frisco (Drums), Matt Ress (Guitar), Kam Ikaze (Bass), Cole Sław (Keys), and Frhetoric (Vocals) have now made London their home.

The band aren’t afraid to tackle social and political issues in their music with their debut single High Tech Low Life touching on social media and narcissism while this new single takes aim at the current political climate of censorship, ignorance and a lack of purpose. Speaking on the track frontman Frhetoric says;

“Our guitarist Matt came up with some really cool riffs influenced by Korn and Rage Against the Machine, and the chorus just screamed “Riot” at me, so that was the starting point for the song. I wrote the lyrics from the point of view of Antifa activists, as I’d been watching their anti-free speech riots at Berkeley in 2017.”

The track is everything that the band say that it is. There’s definitely a Rage Against The Machine and Korn influence but I can also hear a bit of ‘Rock Superstar’ era Cypress Hill in there was well. The lyrics aren’t so much rapped as spat out with a furious venom. The riffs are as heavy as you could possibly want, and the track just bangs.

With the promise of more new music to come this spring I can’t to hear where these guys go next. But for now just crack this all the way up to 11 and enjoy.

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