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Single Review: The Rubys – Jesus girl

Not for the first time I’m a smidgen late on this one, this track actually came out on the 29th September… Don’t judge me.

Moving swiftly on, hailing from Manchester The Rubys are at heart an indie rock band made up of Lee Hunter (Vocals) Tat Sing Kong (Lead guitar)Barry Kirkwood (Guitar) Kevin Barry (Keyboards, backing vocals) Mike Hamilton (Bass) and Dave Earlam. (Drums) The band have been together since 2010 and released their debut album ‘Limelight Parasite’ in 2012. I think that’s an absolutely brilliant name for a record it has to be said.

There is apparently a new album planned for the not so distant future but as for right now Jesus Girl is the band’s latest offering and what an offering it is. Before I give you my thoughts here is what the band have had to say about the track.

On song itself, the describe the track as:

“A song that originally began as more of an expletive (Jesus, girl!), has transformed into something much more powerful and symbolic. We are often asked “Who is Jesus Girl?”, and that question opens up a whole new line of thinking. Does gender matter? Does religion matter? What would we do if we found that Jesus really did exist, and how would we all react if Jesus was a girl”?

As for the recording process it wasn’t exactly straightforward:

“The song initially evolved quite quickly. We like songs that just ‘arrive’, and Jesus Girl seemed to be hanging in the ether until Barry picked out the chord progression. In contrast, recording the track proved difficult. We just could not seem to get the right fit on the harmonies. We probably spent as much time trying to record the backing vocals that we did recording all the other instruments put together. We tried backing singers, doubling & tracking Lees’ voice, in addition to other weird approaches….until we heard Martin Coogan absent-mindedly sing the perfect harmony during a break in recording. The rest, as they say, was history: Martin did the backing vocals in 10 minutes and the track was complete.”

You’ll have to forgive me while I sound like a complete idiot but I’m not sure how to describe what I really like about this track. This isn’t because there aren’t any good things to say about it, it’s because what I like isn’t really tangible. I love the feel of the record, there’s just something really likeable, I don’t know if that comes from the guitars, the harmonies or what but whatever it is I’m glad it’s there. The tracks got a great hook; I love the little guitar solo while Hunters vocal fits absolutely seamlessly with this kind of track. It’s just a great little indie tune; I just wish that I had gotten around to listening to it sooner!

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