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Single Review: Jenny Hepton – Wait For You

It’s not often that I do this but I absolutely implore you to go and listen to this track, watch the video and then buy the song. If you don’t read this story and then listen to this song without a lump in your throat then frankly I don’t think we can be friends. Read this and tell me I’m wrong…

Jenny Hepton is a 25 year old singer songwriter from Walkern in Hertfordshire, she also only started writing and performing music live last year. However that is only a tiny part of her story.

Hepton wrote Wait For You about her daughter Jayla who had to undergo open heart surgery when she was only 12 weeks old. The operation was performed at Great Ormand Street Hospital in London and without it Jayla would have lived for only a few months. As a result Jenny has decided to donate all of the proceeds from the sale of this track will go the Great Ormand Street Hospital Children Charity.

Here’s what Hepton says about her and Jayla’s story;

“Watching your 12 week old baby go through heart surgery isn’t something you expect to experience and as a parent you can feel very out of control. Writing this song was a way of expressing my emotions and feelings at a time where talking can be difficult. So many families go through the same pain and upset, but not all of them get the happy ending that we did. If this song reaches just a few people and raises a few pounds for Great Ormond St then it’s worth it”

It’s also important to say at this point it’s also clear that Hepton does have talent. The lyrics are beautiful, and then piano led melody is equally striking. I’ll definitely be looking out for her next musical step that’s for sure, but to be honest right now that doesn’t matter a jot. (Sorry Jenny!)

This is about a brilliantly heart-warming story and an absolutely fantastic cause. So if you don’t do anything else today go out and buy the song… NOW.

Look up the video on YouTube too; it’s a real tear-jerker.

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