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New Music: Evyltyde – Skin Deep

Last month Evyltyde announced that they would be hitting the studio to record their debut album, and personally I thought this was a cause for celebration, and what’s even better is that they seem to agree with me.

In fact not only do they seem to agree they appear to have done something about it. So in celebration of the fact that they have begun recording said album, the band have released a new track called Skin Deep which will be available as a free download from the bands Reverbnation page for the entirety of October.  Here is what the band have to say about the whole thing…

“Hugo [Terva] and I recorded the drums and guitars way back in September last year,” recalls Danny Merton (guitars), “but with all the ups and downs including line-up changes it’s taken us this long to get around to finishing it!”

 ‘Skin Deep’ is a catharsis of sorts for the band and marks the end of one chapter of the groups history and the beginning of another.

“Well, maybe the term catharsis is a bit over the top,” retorts Hannah Delany (vocals), “but I guess it does mean we can sort of wipe the slate clean and approach the new album from a fresh perspective. We have a really solid line-up now and everyone is fully committed to making it work. That’s something we’ve struggled with in the past.”

The track is everything that you would want an Evyltyde track to be; big riffs, monster drums, an awesome guitar solo and a killer vocal. If you’re a fan of the band already or just love hard rock and mental then you will love this record.

If the idea behind releasing this track was to get you excited about the album then it has worked. Right now I feel like I have just been given an awesome strip tease by a girl I’m about to have sex with but before the main event she has gone to answer the door to a very badly timed visitor; massively excited, gutted that I’m having to wait but loving life because I’ve just seen an insight into what is to follow.

This album will be all kinds of awesome ladies and gentlemen, but for now get downloading this track, it’s a great tune and it’s free what more could you ask for?

Download link – http://bit.ly/1oA60JQ

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