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Single Reviews: Martyrs – Wolves/Flaws

As you can see from the title of this post I will be reviewing two tracks in one. There is a very good reason for that and that is, I was given the opportunity to pick which song I wanted to feature but I couldn’t decide so I thought I’d throw them both in here. Yeah that’s me smashing convention left right and centre.

In fact this review was set up in slightly unconventional fashion as I was pointed towards the band by my old maths teacher who just so happened to also teach one of the band. (Insert generic comment about it being a small world)

Anyway the band in question are called Martyrs and they are Jordan Bevan (Vocals) Will Troman (Guitar) Martin Crandon (Electronics) and Liam James Ward. (Drums) The band are listed as coming from Birmingham but having seen the video for Wolves I have a feeling that they might be from nearer the Black Country end of things. Either way, my geographical guessing is irrelevant because all that matters is that these guys make up a great little band.

In all honesty Wolves is the better track of the two, not because there is anything drastically wrong with Flaws I just like it that little bit more. It’s got a really strong electronic drum beat that really pushes the track forwards at a nice pace. The understated vocal from Bevan works really well and the track itself has a great chorus giving it that little bit extra. I even got to play ‘spot the local landmark’ in the video so the band scores a few extra points for that.

As I said above there isn’t really anything wrong with Flaws it just didn’t quite grab me in the same way that Wolves did. I think it’s just the chorus isn’t quite as strong which means while it’s a good solid track it’s not likely to get stuck in your head. Again the vocal is fine and I like the big drums on the intro. There’s nothing not to like.

These two tracks are the only things that I have really heard from Martyrs but they have been more than enough to get my interest. I have been reliably informed that there is an EP in the works and that will definitely be getting The Musical Outcast treatment when the time is right. A good little band with a load of potential, can’t ask for much more than that.

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