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Single Review: Stellify – Sin City

“Sin City is a track built on the concept of taking you on a journey through the dark streets of the city indulging in EVERYTHING the city’s underworld has to offer. But remember, all the wealth in the world won’t be able to save you from yourself.”


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Sin City is the latest creation from a band which are really starting to make the world sit up and take notice of what they are doing. Just as Kerrang! and Planet Rock. You might remember a few months ago that I reviewed their last single ‘Hide’ but now Stellify are back with a new tuneand it fucking bangs. It’s dark, gritty and absolutely stacked with badass rock n roll attitude.

The grimy guitar work along with the retro sounding vocal from frontman Howlett makes the track sound like everything you would expect from a song called ‘Sin City.’ The blues influence is massive and as a result the track doesn’t sound like anything else that is really breaking out into radio right now. When I reviewed ‘Hide’ I spoke about how in many ways the band are a step back in time to better days, their music carries that classic rock swagger and F-U attitude, and I love it.

The first part of the track even through big chorus build up beautifully to a last minute or so which features one of the best air guitar inducing guitar solos that I have heard for some time. It’s faster than his work on the classic that is ‘Alive’ but style wise think Mike McCready and you won’t be too far away, the way that it just towers over and lays waste to everything before it is just awesome. Richard Costello, take a bow.

Sin City is everything that is good about rock music. Great vocal, great rhythm, great guitar solo, honestly I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this track. If the aim was to put the classic rock attitude back into rock music with high quality tunes which you can’t help but play at full volume then these guys have succeeded in a massive way. Stellify are fast becoming one of my favourite bands and this track just adds to the ever increasing list of reasons why reasons why.

Forgive me now while I track a little trip down to Sin City… Who’s coming with me?

Sin City is released today – 15th September

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