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Single Review: Let There Be Light – Heaven

It might be hard to believe when reading this site sometimes but there are bigger things in this world than music. Of course music has the power to move you into a state of euphoria or move you to tears but it is often the stories and not the music that is the decisive factor.

There have been thousands of charity singles down the years, some have been fantastic and some have been absolutely horrendous. But the quality of the music doesn’t really matter, if you can create a great tune then that’s a bonus but it’s not the be all and end all.

Now all of this rambling brings me on to the brand new single from High Wycombe’s very own Let There Be Light.

The band is made up of Damian Carruthers, Hollie Pearson and Abigale Pain although this track also features the vocal talents of David Pickup for those of you keeping score.

Heaven was recorded in the memory of Damian’s Step Father who passed away in October 2012 after falling ill with pancreatic cancer. The band have said that Macmillan were fantastic in those final months and they not only wanted to give something back to the charity, but also provide hope and comfort for all of those who are affected by cancer in some shape or form. ALL of the proceeds from this track will be going directly to Macmillan so even you hate what I write below or hate the track it’s all for a brilliant cause.

I spoke earlier about the quality of a charity single being almost a second thought and a good track is a bonus but I am pleased to say that this is a great little song. Strong vocals, nice melody good little bridge sections mean that there isn’t really anything to dislike. But the best part of all is that you know that the song actually means something and that in my book counts for a hell of a lot.

Heaven is undoubtedly a very good track but frankly as far as the bigger picture is concerned that is irrelevant. It’s all about the message, the meaning and the money that the band will raise. So you know what I don’t care if you hate the song, go over to iTunes right now and buy it anyway, because some things are bigger than music.

Heaven is available to buy from iTunes today (15th September)

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