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Single Review: Kosoti – Bark And Sticks

The weekend over here at The Musical Outcast was dominated by hard rock so this Monday evening seems like the right moment to switch things up a little bit. How does a bit of catchy melodic folk sound? Now don’t let the ‘F’ word put you off I’m not a massive folk fan either but this is a good little tune trust me, but before we get into that I think I should get the introductions out of the way first.

Based in Newcastle Kosoti are Allan Hyslop (Vocals, acoustic guitar) Rebecca Gregson (Vocals) Seth Tinsley (Electric guitar, vocals) Paul Holdsworth (Banjo, vocals) Christos Worsley (Bass, vocals) and George Hutton (Drums, percussion, vocals) The band have previously recorded sessions for BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and Metro Radio amongst others while this particular track has been produced by Adrian Hall who has produced for the likes of The Clash, Depeche Mode and Alicia Keys. That’s some decent pedigree right there.

So, now for the bit you’re actually here for; the music. As I mentioned above Bark And Sticks is a great little tune. Lead singer Hyslop says of the track;

It’s about our home city Newcastle, how it inspires me and how, through thick and thin, it has always been the backdrop to my story – and will hopefully continue to be for a long time to come!”

Well Allan if I was Newcastle I would be pretty happy to have this tune dedicated to me I have to say. The up-tempo light melody intertwined with the banjo gives the track a great feel, meaning that it will sound great on the radio; it’s got a real feel good factor. The vocal isn’t quite your standard folk vocal; it has a bit more grit to it than that which helps it stand out from what is a massive crowd at the moment. I’ve got to mention the vocal harmonies as well, they are simply sublime. I’m a sucker for good harmonies and this really hits the spot.

I would be lying if I said that folk was normally my bag, I find it all very samey and everything sort of blends together so when I saw the words ‘folk outfit’ in my inbox I can’t say that I got massively excited but I should have done. Every song should be judged on its own merits and that’s why I’m happy to say that Bark And Sticks is a great track. The whole thing just comes across as effortless and there’s something just very likeable out it. I hadn’t heard of Kosoti before wrapping my ears around this track but I’m glad that that’s changed, so in the famous words of everybody’s favourite little street urchin, ‘Please Sir, I want  some more.’

Bark And Sticks is out now

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