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Single Review: Hollie April – Together Alone

I spoke yesterday about how there are an absolute plethora of folk bands out right now and the same can also be said for female singer/songwriters. They are everywhere! Spreading like a plague of acoustic guitar strumming locusts I tell you! Anyway you get the point, so this makes it very difficult to stand out from the crowd but this lady manages to do just that.

22 year old Hollie April is a British singer/songwriter born and raised in Gibraltar. April began writing and performing professionally when she was only 12 years old and her debut EP ‘’Marionette’ has received airplay all over the world. Now way back my Dad was based in Gibraltar when he was in the Army so there is a lot of love for Gibraltar in our house so I was really hoping that this track wouldn’t be rubbish. Thankfully it couldn’t be further from rubbish.

Together Alone is a slow build of a song; the first section is really stripped back with just a slow paced acoustic guitar and the enchanting vocal from April leading the way. This low key and gentle opening puts the emphasis on the vocal as there isn’t really anything else going on and she delivers on every level. There are numerous switches up and down in tempo and they give the track a brilliant flow, this is far from your ‘wispy’ vocal either, there’s a real kick to it when needed and that’s good to hear. The last minute or so of the track is a one of these quicker paced sections giving the song a nice run to the finish, a strong ending is always important.

With these types of tracks everything else instrumentally is so stripped back and simple that a lot depends on the vocal to really make the song stand out and April pulls that off effortlessly. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something about her voice which makes you just want to listen, that intangible all music fans understand. At nearly 6 minutes Together Alone is a fair bit longer than your average single but it doesn’t feel like a long track if that makes any sense, the variations in tempo help keep things fresh I think.

There’s something about Hollie April, she has got something. I don’t know what it is but it pulls you in and makes you want to listen to her music. Together Alone is a great example of this and I’m really interested to see where she goes next… Hollie April is definitely one to watch.

Together Now is out now

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