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Single Review: Andriah Arrindell – Time To Shine

For some reason I don’t get the chance to review R&B and soul all that much despite the fact that I have a massive love for it. That’s just how the cookie crumbles I guess. However, that does mean that when I do get sent anything of the smooth R&B persuasion I tend to get a bit excited, so when the new single from Andriah Arrindell hit my inbox I raised more than a little smile.

Arrindell started performing professionally at the age of 17 and has a CV absolutely stacked with big names. She has shared stages with the likes of Jamie Cullum, Madonna and Aretha Franklin. (Aretha freaking Franklin!) As well as performing at an Obama inauguration event alongside Kelly Rowland and Mica Paris and on another occasion providing backing vocals for Shola Ama. I think it’s fair to say that that’s some pedigree right there.

Time To Shine is Arrindell’s new single taken from the EP of the same name and it’s everything that I hoped it would be. The production from Whytepatch is simple and crisp just giving the sumptuous vocals from Arrindell a platform to go and make their mark, which they do in terrific style. The track as a whole has got that early 90’s Soul II Soul feel to it and as someone who loved the R&B/Soul sound of that era to hear it again is a pleasant surprise. That’s not to say that the track sounds dated because it really doesn’t, the polish on the production keeps things fresh and up to date. My only criticism is that I think the track is a little bit too long as a single, and in all honesty the last half minute or so could have been cut off.

Although, having said that, that really shouldn’t take away from what is a really good track. There’s no modern computer studio wizardry or anything like that it’s just really stripped back and straight to the point. It’s simple yet incredibly effective. Arrindell’s strength lies in her vocal ability and the song uses that to the max, hardly rocket science is it?

If you’re a fan of that old school British R&B/Soul sound then check this track out, I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Time To Shine is out today (1st September)

1 thought on “Single Review: Andriah Arrindell – Time To Shine

  1. Time To Shine
    An amazing soul track that has lots of energy & feeling to the song with a great video as well, Andriah is a very nice person
    & this is her Time To Shine 🙂

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