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EP Review: Words & Noises – Loaded Gun

I’ve been trying to fit this one in for a couple of weeks now and I have finally got round to it. It’s the downside of doing 300 things at once. Anyway, Loaded Gun is the new project from Manchester based duo Chris Selman and Simon Williams aka Words & Noises and you know what? It’s not too bad at all.

The EP begins with lead single ‘Animals.’ I hadn’t heard anything from these guys before this so the vocal took me by surprise a bit and that’s not a bad thing. It’s just unique, I haven’t heard anyone sound like that before and although it took a couple of listens to really appreciate the style it really grew on me. This vocal is set to a backdrop of a nice piano led melody and a gentle rolling drum beat which serves as a perfect foundation for the track. I’m not surprised that it was chosen as the projects lead single it is very smooth, it’s a good start to record.

‘The Lost Art Of Conversation’ is definitely one of the standout moments, I really think it’s a brilliant track. To the soundtrack of more piano based smoothness the song laments the fact that mobile phones have taken over our social lives to the point where we sit and play with them rather than actually talk to the people that we are with. This is one of my pet hates and I would have loved to have written this track! I had an ex-girlfriend like this and she drove me mad! It’s all summed up by the line;

When you’re on your phone I may as well be here on my own.

Well said lads, keep up the fight, I’m with you all the way.

The quicker pace to ‘Fatal Dose’ is a real contrast to the poppy smoothness of the previous two tracks and it isn’t as instant. I found that it took a few listens to really grow on me but after a couple of spins it does feel like a nice little tune. It’s nothing spectacular but pretty enjoyable none the less.
Penultimate track ‘Love Is A Loaded Gun’ is the only track on the record that I didn’t really like. I gave it a few spins as always to give it a chance but I just didn’t connect with it. It’s like that massive chocolate gateau that appears after a huge meal around Christmas… It’s just a bit too rich and a bit too much. It’s firmly entrenched in pop ballad territory and while the big echoing drum that arrives part way through does give the track a little kick it isn’t quite enough. It felt like the band was trying a bit too hard.

However, final track ‘Londinium’ sees the duo back to their brilliantly witty best. Like a ballet dancer in full flight the piano and the steady drum beat glide along while the vocal is almost spoken rather than sang. It tells the tale of an unconventional love story that manages to include a helicopter. (Don’t all songs these days?) Along with ‘The Lost Art Of Conversation this is my favourite track, the band feel at ease here and it sounds like this is where they feel most comfortable. It’s a great way to finish, it really is.

As I said at the outset this really isn’t a bad little EP at all. The only real low point is ‘Love Is A Loaded Gun’ but other than that there is a hell of a lot to like about this record. There is a good mix of sounds along with a good vocal and some very slick and witty song writing. Overall Loaded Gun is a really good listen, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see these guys reach even bigger and better heights in the future because when they get it right as they do on some many occasions here, they get it very very right.

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