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EP Review: LongFallBoots – Good At Television

It has been well over 6 months since I have seen or heard anything from the LongFallBoots camp so being offered the chance to review this record came out of the blue a little bit. I caught the band live right back at the start of the year while I was out reviewing someone else… and my God they were loud. Their set was full on, energetic and while not all of the stuff that they played was by bag they definitely made an impression.

LongFallBoots came into being when friends Alex (Guitar, vocals) and Ben (Drums, vocals) were left to their own devices after their other bandmates failed to turn up for a rehearsal. Based in Warwickshire they say that they “make a groovy, heavy noise,” and having listened to this EP and seen that live performance that description couldn’t be more fitting. I should probably point out at this juncture that for this EP Alex and Ben were joined by Amy who contributed bass and as well as additional vocals.

The opening track is called ‘Whisper Kick’ but there isn’t much whispering going on at all, in fact this track has as much in common with whispering as the British government has with reality. I’ll own up now and confess that I am not a massive fan of the whole ‘scream’ vocal style but I do think it can serve as a purpose as it does here. The track really wouldn’t have the requisite menace and aggression without it. This real balls out opening section and an even heavier closing section are punctuated by a brief moment of calm as things lighten up for short sung chorus. The second section that I mentioned is abrasive and oh so heavy. You can’t listen to this track quietly.

After the dark and heavy opening the sedate classic rock sound of ‘Your Hatred Is Beneath You’ is about as expected as a Nun in a strip club. The vocals are clean this time and there are even a few little harmonies thrown in for good measure. The threesome still has time for a couple of short Sabbath-esque sections however just to show that they have totally gone soft. This is probably my favourite track.

‘And In My Head’ sees the head banging heaviness return in absolutely breathtakingly fuzzy fashion. (Press play on the track and that sentence will make sense I promise you) The chaos is punctuated by a series of massive drops that will test any set of speakers in the world. Clocking in at just over 2 minutes this is track is definitely short but it’s anything but sweet.

Closing song ‘The Felt Presence’ is again different to everything that has gone before it thus highlighting the bands enormous levels of creativity. Even if you don’t always ‘get’ their music these guys will never be formulaic. The first half of the song is pretty tame in reality and quite stripped back, just lulling the listener into a false sense of security because they soon dip back into their hard hitting ways before the tracks climax.

LongFallBoots will never go mainstream and they will never ever be conventional, and for that reason I think it’s impossible to like everything they do. Their style varies pretty dramatically at times which means that they cover a wide range of musical tastes. For example I’m not a massive fan of the scream vocal (That’s not them it’s just a personal thing) but I love the riffs and the mellower moments. Personally I found it’s abrasive sound at times a little too much but if you are into that heavier side of metal then this will be right up your street.

For fans of any sort of rock/metal genre then Good At Television is definitely worth a listen and it’s a good listen at that, although you’re going to have to have a pretty wide ranging musical pallet to appreciate all of it. But man alive, no matter what you think of this record it certainly isn’t boring.

You can hear Good At Television here http://longfallboots.bandcamp.com/album/good-at-television

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