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Single Review: W: JAX – Just So You Know

After brief excursion to Derby over the weekend I am back in the office (On my sofa, drinking tea, watching Top Gear repeats) and I have some brand new music for you.

Sometimes you hear music and while it’s all very nice it doesn’t have that something extra that makes it stand out from the crowd. But every now and again you hear something like this, the new track from W: JAX and it just oozes star quality; it has that magic something, these guys could be big.

W: JAX (Pronounced Double You Jax) came together in 2012 when James Izzo (Lead Singer, chief songwriter) and his brother Josh (Drums) joined forces with Adam Tucker (Bass) and Andrew Brindley. (Keys, vocals)

Just So You Know is taken from the London based foursome’s upcoming EP ‘Daylight’ and I have to say that I think it’s a bit special. As I said above it’s just got something. The track is a slow build but after 30 seconds you can hear why it’s an anthem. It’s the ideal summer single, it’s light, clips along at a good pace and the chorus soars higher than you ever thought was possible.

The vocal is solid if unspectacular, but frankly this isn’t the time for over-elaborate vocal gymnastics. You just need something to fit the track and match the enthusiasm of everything else and that it does with aplomb. This tune is just absolutely made for radio, nights in pub beer gardens and random drunken nights in your own sunny garden.

Honestly, remember the name W: JAX, these guys could be absolutely huge. But for now turn this up and sing your little summery heart out.

1 thought on “Single Review: W: JAX – Just So You Know

  1. Hi James – Thank you for taking the time to review our track Just So You Know. Hopefully you will be keen to do the same for our EP when it is released too. Best wishes – W:JAX

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