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Single Review: Shortside Avenue – Tweaker

Hailing from Newcastle Shortside Avenue are Josh Watkins (Vocals) Callum Cowie (Guitar, vocals) James Cowan (Guitar, vocals) Shorty (Bass) and Steven Rouse. (Drums) They only played their first gig together in January of last year but have built up a serious following, and there seems to be a real buzz around them right now and that is only going to increase over the next few months. Tweaker is the lead single from the bands upcoming EP which is currently slated for an early 2015 release.

As regards the bands live shows they take a refreshing attitude and one I think that some bands out there could definitely learn from;

“We aim to put on a show as well as a performance. Our goal is to take this as far as we can with a lot of hard work and dedication. If the audience is having a good time then so are we. We don’t offer any solutions however we give everything we have into our set and give the audience a brief moment to escape from anything that might be troubling them”

In my view you can’t as for much more than that.

Musically the band are firmly established in that pop/rock lane. Think, All Time Low, You Me At Six, Panic! At The Disco and you won’t be far away. Tweaker is a decent little track and I think it will do well as a single. It’s not anything deep and meaningful by any means but singles don’t have to be. A good opening riff gives way to a classic pop/rock vocal and the track really goes along at a good pace. A nice breakdown and slower section towards the end give the song a bit of variety.

I only have one slight criticism and I think that the track is a little bit too long, there is maybe one chorus too many. However, that’s hardly a disaster, and other than that it’s difficult to find fault with the track in all honesty.

As I said above Tweaker is a good little track, it’s not going to really knock your socks off but it is very very solid. It’s polished enough and slick enough to get on the radio and I think fans of the band will love it, it just maybe lacks the real star quality to really make it stand out from the pack.

A really solid effort.

You can watch the video for Tweaker here

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