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Single Review: Emi McDade – Just Begun

It wasn’t all that long ago that I hadn’t reviewed any music from anything resembling a female singer/songwriter, and now I seem to be on a bit of a roll, they are everywhere I tell you!

Today’s instalment comes courtesy of 17 year old Gloucestershire based songstress Emi McDade. McDade started out on the road to musical based stardom in April 2013 and released her first single ‘Through My Eyes’ in March of this year. Well she’s nothing if not prolific as she followed that up with the release of this track last month.

Just Begun was the first thing I ever heard from McDade but in the name of research I went back and checked out the video for her debut single and the progression here is incredibly impressive. While musically the change hasn’t been dramatic McDade’s persona has moved things on immeasurably. On her debut she looked as exactly what she was, a girl making her first steps into the music industry and a little unsure of herself. However this time she has transformed into what looks like a seasoned vet.

The change is remarkable, she exudes confidence and sounds and looks in perfect control. There is also a sense that she has stretched herself a little more as an artist and she seems to be really expressing herself. The track itself in essence is about breaking out and making your way in the world which is exactly what McDade is doing. The song is really well put together and well-rounded with the rolling piano riff pulling the song along nicely. Plus did I mention that she could sing? Like, I mean really sing, her voice is incredible. The maturity in her voice and her song writing is astonishing. I particularly love the line;

Life is a journey not just a destination

I just think that it’s a great way to sum up the whole message of the track in one line. The production is fantastic, it’s all very smooth and uncomplicated but this gives McDade’s natural talent the opportunity to shine through.

The best thing about McDade (Immense talent aside) is the fact that she is only 17 and only at the very start of her career… She’s only going to get better. This track represents the start of something, this isn’t the end game. But my God what a start it is. Emi McDade is not only an artist to watch for the future but also an artist for the here and now. So if I were you I’d get acquainted.

You can watch the video for ‘Just Begun’ here

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