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Single Review: Bi: Lingual – Subject Number

I’m just going to get straight to the point… This track is all kinds of awesome. I haven’t heard someone come out with this kind of track for years, but thank God the drought is over.

Bi:Lingual are Dylan Teague, George Louca, Aaron Lythe and Stephanos Louca, and they are making a serious noise as well as sticking two fingers up at the establishment in the process.

Subject Number is an absolute force of nature and it hits you straight between the eyes for three chaotic minutes. The track opens with accapella raps raining down before some full blooded guitars smash in like a brick to the face. The best part of the raps apart from the slaying of pop culture (The stab at JLS and their range of condoms was a personal favourite) is the fact that they are rapped in a real accent. None of this faux American, or faux London ‘street’ shit. The chorus is straight aggression and energy and really helps give the track the impact which sets it apart. A great guitar solo towards the end is the most conventional things about this tune and even that feels seriously fresh.

If Rage Against The Machine, Mike Skinner and Beastie Boys put together a track it might have half a chance of sounding like this but even then they wouldn’t be able to recreate it. This is totally fresh and original, these guys have their own style and their own sound and that is going to take them a long way.

This isn’t hip hop, this isn’t rock, this isn’t nu metal, this is Bi:Lingual and it’s absolutely brilliant.

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