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EP Review: Requin Blanc – Don’t Get Cocky Kid

Requin Blanc are Jack Bridle (Vocals) Joe Salt (Guitar) Matt Bridle (Bass) and Danny Johnson. (Drums)

I first came across these guys a few months ago when they headlined a gig I was at in their hometown of Derby, and while generally speaking their music isn’t hugely my thing they got over massively with the audience that night. So as they gear up to return to the scene of that gig tonight I take a look at the band’s debut EP which was released back in April.

This record is straight pop-punk, nothing more nothing less. If you think back to the early 2000’s when bands like Blink 182 where huge and that sort sound dominated guitar music then this is an EP which belongs firmly in that era.

‘Dancing Isn’t A Contact Sport’ kicks things off in typically upbeat style. The vocal from Bridle while being unflashy gets the job done and pulls the song along nicely. There is nothing wrong with the song itself but the production is pretty horrendous. I was hoping that it would only be this song but it’s an unwanted theme of the whole EP. My main beef is that the cymbal is far too loud. It’s too loud to the point where you can’t tell where one hit ends and the next one begins. The sound just drowns everything else out and it comes across as incredibly sloppy. It sounds like the microphone for the drums is actually underneath the cymbal.

The next song and the EPs title track is more of the same. It opens with a heavier riff and is another decent slice of pop-punk. There’s a nice little bass section part way in which adds something a little different and if it wasn’t for the awful mixing that I already mentioned then the track would have been pretty enjoyable. I would like to emphasis again that this is not a reflection on the bands songs themselves which are fine but it’s hard to enjoy them through a haze of cymbal crashing.

The final track ‘Home Truths’ features a great little bassy intro and is my favourite track on the record. The cymbals are still too loud but don’t overpower this effort as much as the previous two. The full throttle nature of the track keeps the energy up, and this tune will definitely go down well at live shows.

This had the potential to be a brilliant and enjoyable little record. The band’s music is straightforward and good fun and has the potential to cross over well to radio. However it is extremely difficult to get past the quality of the mixing and the production. The cymbal is too loud by so much it’s laughable, it just overpowers everything else that the rest of the band are doing, and although this isn’t directly the bands fault they must take some responsibility for not pointing this out in the studio. It’s not like you can miss it!

Don’t Get Cocky Kid had the potential to be so much better than it is, but the result is a complete and utter let down.

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