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EP Review: Buckcherry – Fuck

As the title of this EP suggests the following review will contain a LOT of swearing. So if you’re likely to be offended I’d stop reading now.


I think it’s fair to say that over the course of their career Buckcherry have never quite done things by the book. In fact they are probably more likely to set fire to the book and launch it into the air to a soundtrack of wailing electric guitar distortion than read it. And it gives me great pleasure to say that they haven’t mellowed just yet. Mind you the fact that they called this record Fuck and included the word ‘fuck’ in all of the song titles probably gave that away.

My only concern going in to reviewing this one was ‘Please don’t let it be a gimmick record.’ I mean shouting the word ‘fuck’ can be really good fun, but screaming it for the sake of it over a crappy musical backdrop just really isn’t going to get it done. Thankfully however, that really isn’t the case.

Opening track ‘Somebody Fucked With Me’ is straight up balls to the wall hard rock. There’s attitude and rock swagger in absolute spades as the California natives flip the bird at the world for the best part of four minutes. The verses are an assault on everything and everyone, no one is sparred, and the shouts of ‘Fuck em all!’ leave you in no doubt as to the bands feelings. It isn’t all just verbal sparring though as an awesome guitar solo screams through the second part of the track giving some musical integrity to the ‘fuck the world’ posturing.

On paper a cover of Icona Pop’s hit single ‘I love It’ sounds like an absolute nightmare. Nothing about the phrase ‘Buckcherry cover Icona Pop’ inspires any sort of confidence that this track will be anything but an absolute car crash. But, and I’m really not sure how, it actually works. It’s completely bizarre and ever so slightly surreal yet brilliant. Soaring guitars and a chorus of ‘I don’t care, say fuck it’ probably help, but it’s really entertaining and good fun.

The anger subsides slightly (Only slightly) for the simply titled ‘Motherfucker.’ The track has got a Velvet Revolver type feel and is more of a straightforward rock track. It’s another energetic effort with the vocal from Todd giving that extra kick and signature Buckcherry attitude. ‘I Don’t Give A Fuck’ is a funky, swaggering salute to being whatever the hell you want to be. The guitar work again is one of the highlights and the track as a whole is just infectious.

The intro and first section of ‘It’s A Fucking Disaster’ is incredibly restrained, only punctuated by a laid back almost melodic guitar riff and a steady pounding drumbeat. Even the vocal feels like it is just meandering along and then from nowhere a huge guitar riff screeches through the tranquillity and normal service is resumed. Later on in the song the pace drops right down again and it seems to wind to a finish without any sort of direction. It’s the longest track on the record but it feels a little too long.

A track called ‘Fist Fuck’ couldn’t be anything other than all-out full throttle chaos. It closes the EP in great style and personally I feel this is where the band are really at their best. No frills, balls out hard rock. Screaming vocals, huge riffs and hammering drums are the order of the day as the curtain comes down on the most attitude filled record I have reviewed this year.

Fuck is a record for those people who are going to do whatever they want and to hell with what the rest of the world thinks.  It’s uncompromising and filled with more rock attitude than you will know what to do with, but that’s exactly the point. It’s supposed to hit you right between the eyes, not give you a hug. Fuck is bold, abrasive and in your face but most importantly of all its absolutely brilliant.

Fuck is released 18th August.

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