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Single Review: The Slow Readers Club – Start Again

The Slow Readers Club are Aaron Starkie (Vocals, keyboard) Kurtis Starkie (Vocals, guitar) James Ryan (Bass) and David Whitworth (Drums) and they are back with their old/new single. Start Again was originally released in May but for reasons to which I am not privy it’s getting another airing on 21st July. (Not that I’m complaining)

I have featured a clutch of bands recently who seem to be on the cusp of really breaking through and this lot look like they could be another. Off the back of the release of their debut album in May 2012 they have received endorsements from the likes of NME, Steve Lamacq, BBC Introducing and 6 Music. I know that hype and co-signs aren’t everything but you have to feel that with a roll call like that they must be doing something right. Anyway they’ve got a brand new single to follow this in September and their 2nd album is slated for release in November of this year.

However all of that is for the future so we return to the here and now with Start Again. I would be lying if I said that I was a massive fan of this style of electronic indie but I’m always willing to make exceptions and that’s exactly what I have had to do here. There’s a futuristic and slight 80’s feel as a the synth like melody hums through the opening verse before a more traditional indie sound breaks out for what is a very strong chorus. The electronic waves then return for another verse before the two styles merge together for a brief electronica assisted guitar solo.

Lyrically the track deals with anxiety, fading opportunity and longing to be young again, which are feelings we have all felt at some point although some more than others! However simple themes and relatable lyrics are key if a single is going to be successful, and this track ticks both boxes.

Start Again is a very solid single and does exactly what you’d want it to. There’s decent replay value and a good chorus as the track glides along effortlessly for a shade over 3 minutes. All in all a very nice effort.

Start Again is released on 21st July

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