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Single Review: Mercutio – Back To Nowhere

Much to the delight of me and countless other people there is an absolute plethora of quality rock bands coming through right now. They may not be breaking through to the mainstream just yet but that’s not everything, what’s important is that they’re original and the music that they are bringing to the table is saying something. So it is my pleasure to bring you another one of these bands; Mercutio.

Coming out of London Mirko (Vocals, guitars) Staf (Lead guitar) Naz (Bass) and Alex (Drums) are attracting the attention of some very impressive people. The band only formed in November of last year but their assent has been quick one. Signed to Mazempa Records their debut album has been produced by Andy Wright (Jeff Beck, Simple Minds) while this track their lead single and title track from the album has also been mixed by Alan Moulder. (Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and The Killers)

However what’s impressive is that they have the talent to back all of that up. As far as debuts go Back To Nowhere makes quite an impression. That’s not to say that you’ll hit play and instantly be blown away by what’s on show here because I’m pretty certain that you won’t. That isn’t a reflection on the quality of the track it’s just not that instant. But as the makers of a certain dark looking alcoholic beverage keep reminding us ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ (You reckon if I name them I’ll get sent a freebie??)

The intro is almost electronica and it’s not until the guitars force their way in that the track really makes its intentions known. For the most part the vocal is quite raspy and restrained, with it only really kicking up a gear in chorus where the layering gives the track quite an old school rock feel. The brief addition of what sounds like a gothic choir in the background as the track rumbles on helps give it that something extra.

Frontman Mirko says of the track “This track talks about every person towards the end of their life. How they begin to reflect on how they have lived their life. The things they’ve done but most importantly what they haven’t done. Because of fear? Egoism? Anger? They see how all these decisions and actions have impacted their life. So the message is to live life to the fullest now and in every moment and don’t let fear, anger and all these emotions control your life as you’ll only be left on your own with just material achievements to comfort you in the end”. Personally I think this is quite an admirable stance a very good mind set to have, something I think we should pay more attention to.

After the first listen my reaction was ‘er…its ok’ by listen 4/5 the track really hit home and I got what it was all about. Every time you press play it improves and the little intricacies that make the song what it is filter through and everything clicks together. It’s not an instant classic by any means but trust me give it time and you’ll be rewarded.

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