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Single Review: Let Love Rule – On The Shore

Let Love Rule are essentially the brainchild of band frontman and chief songwriter Matthew Rhind. As is often the case after the break-up of a previous band Rhind was left with a creative itch that needed scratching. He continued to write songs but it soon became apparent that these tracks wouldn’t get the job done on a singer/songwriter tip so last Spring inspired by Lenny Kravitz’ debut album of the same name Let Love Rule were born.

Rhind was joined by Laurence Murray (Guitar) Tom Dallas (Bass) and David Hill (Drums) and the band was complete. They have been doing the rounds on the live circuit for just over a year but they are now ready to move things up a level with the release of this their debut single along with an EP which will follow later on this year.

Any lead single from any sort of project is incredibly important but putting out the right track as your debut is vital in my eyes. It needs to make a statement. ‘This is who we are, this is what we do, and we are damn good at it.’ You only get one chance at a first impression. Thankfully On The Shore does all of these things.

If you’re after something to knock the windows out of your living room you’re in the wrong place, the order of the day here is strictly melodies and atmosphere. The track just floats. It coasts along long at a beautifully nonchalant pace with the vocal from Rhind gliding across a guitar led melody straight from the summer afternoon of your dreams. The solo which follows is of an equally high standard and the whole track just has a touch of star quality about it.

Production wise its silky smooth with the emphasis being on necessity rather than trying to cram as much in as possible; a problem which has befallen a few projects that I have reviewed in the last few months.

Like the sports car you are dying to blow your life savings on On The Shore is a perfect balance of style and substance. Great vocals, great song writing and great musicianship all come together as one to create an extremely impressive debut single.

On The Shore is released today (28th July)

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