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Single Review: If You Like To Dance feat Jess Harwood – Lose Control

Back in April I got very excited about a pop duo from Manchester and it turns out I did so for good reason. Their 2nd EP Vices was released to rave reviews and now 3 short months later they are back with some new music for your lovely ears.

‘Lose Control’ is the first of 4 new collaborations from the group which are slated to be released over the next few months. It is unclear as yet to whether this series of tracks will go on to feature on a new EP or if they will be left as standalone projects. Either way I think that the idea of releasing a series of collaborations is a very good one. It gives the artist an opportunity to experiment with new things and new ideas and gives us, the music buying public a chance to hear the artist maybe in a way that we haven’t before. Plus you may even be introduced to some brand new talent along the way.

The track itself sees Gibson and Hoskinson pick up where the brilliantly polished Vices left off but this time with the addition of the vocal talents of Jess Harwood. I would love to be able to sit here and look clever by telling you all about Harwood but in reality her name is a new one on my radar, so my knowledge on her is a little limited. BUT (You can tell I’m serious it’s in capitals) she seems to be developing quite a following in her home town of Blackpool and most importantly her voice is immense!

If you are familiar with the IYLTD then for the most part the track will be nothing ground-breakingly new to you but it is as always a very high quality offereing. The addition of the vocals from Harwood is an awesome one. There is something about her voice that is just really smooth and easy on the ear. It’s not overly flashy by any means but the joy is in the simplicity. Lose Control is a slow build as the male and female duel vocal does the heavy lifting for the opening verse as things build towards a characteristically silky chorus. It hasn’t quite got the anthemic feel of some of their other work but that shtick can get boring after a while so the variation is welcome.

The production as ever is flawless and the drums hit with just the right amount impact, they thud without knocking you onto the floor and injuring you. It’s all very crisp and precise and there’s plenty of replay value for what is very good track.

Lose Control is another string in IYLTD’s very impressive looking bow, so keep your eyes on these guys and the impressive Miss Harwood, big things beckon.


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