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Single Review: Evyltyde – Killer

Not for the first time I’m going to have to sing the praises of the ‘I’m Unisigned’ group on Facebook; seriously that group could go down as one of the internet’s greatest inventions. The thing is absolutely stacked with talent of all nationalities and genres, which makes it an ideal place for someone like me to find some new and interesting stuff to bring to you fine people.

My latest discovery are a metal band called Evyltyde. They are a proper old school metal band, no ‘we’re just going to try and be as heavy as possible for the sake of it.’ They are a metal band in the traditional sense, big vocals, big guitars, brilliant melodies. I must confess that these guys scored huge points with me before I had even really heard them for the very simple reason that they are fronted by and woman but don’t push themselves as a ‘female fronted metal band,’ like they should have some sort of medal for realising that women can sing and front groups as well. They are just a metal band. It’s a pretty trivial point to most but I do like that.

The band are made up of Hannah Delany (Vocals) Danny Merton (Guitar) Paul James (Bass) and Michal Kasprowicz (Drums) Quick bit of housekeeping though, although it is Michal Kasprowicz that you can see drumming in the video the drums for the track were actually recorded by their former drummer Max De Curtis. The band are based in London and came together back in August 2013 and they put out a single over Christmas last year where they donated all of the profits to charity which is something that especially as they were just starting out they should be applauded for.

As for right now, the band put their new single Killer with accompanying video out into the world only a few short hours ago and it is an absolute monster of a track. It might not be released for another couple of weeks but I really felt I had to get this one out there.

The track opens with some absolutely filthy distorted guitar, now when it comes to distorted guitars as with so many things in life the filthier the better. The band list Black Sabbath and Metallica amongst their influences and you can hear that just in the first 30 seconds of the track. The Metallica aspect is the hammering guitar that pounds the track forward and the fact that you can hear James on bass actually playing a rhythm rather than just strumming along for the hell of it is a trademark of all of Sabbath’s best work.

As the verses thunder along they are interrupted with a musical pause for breath which in this instance doubles as a chorus. The hook does its job perfectly, it’s simple, stands out from the rest of the track and has a bit of an anthemic feel which I think will definitely be a hit at live shows. The guitar solo which follows shortly after is also an absolutely glorious piece of musicianship. Merton can play, and I mean really play, it’s as simple as that.

Vocally Delany doesn’t have what you would traditionally say is a rock or metal voice but for me that really gives the track something a little bit different. She is more Amy Lee of Evanescence than Laurie ‘Tank’ Carnan of Chasing Dragons. It must be said that there are few things that I love more in music than a brilliant female vocal over huge guitars and Delany really delivers.

What I have just done in a really long winded way is say that this track is awesome! (Sorry I didn’t get to the point a bit quicker) This band are awesome. The rhythm section is totally on point and the fact that you can actually hear the bass in the mix is massive plus. The guitar work is first rate and the vocal just fits the track down to the ground by being strong and powerful but not overwhelming.

Killer is easily one of the best metal tracks that you will hear all year bar none.

Killer is officially released on 21st July but you can hear the track and watch the video below.


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