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Single Review: The Talks – Radio

The blog has been full of firsts recently and well I think it would be a shame to stop now. So it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the first ska/2 tone act to ever appear on The Musical Outcast.

If that isn’t worth a round of applause I don’t know what is.  Anyway, the band that has inspired me to break the blogs 2 tone duck are called The Talks and well, they’re really quite good.

The main band are made up of Patrick Pretorius (Vocals/guitar, sax) Jody Moore (Vocals, guitars, keys) Iain ‘Easy’ Allen (Bass) and Richard ‘Titch’ Lovelock (Drums) There is also a list as long as your arm of artists that also appear with the band and those guys are Ross Moore (Organ) Wayne Willis (Keys/Trumpet) Hekima Asilia (Vocals) Will Chalk (Trumpet) and Adam Thompson (Trombone)

Based in Kingston Upon Hull these guys have been on a serious roll now for the best part of 2 years. Not only have they supported the likes of The Specials and Madness, Neville Stape of The Specials featured on their 2012 single ‘Can Stand The Rain.’ That is one hell of a co-sign if you ask me. ‘Radio’ is taken from the bands upcoming album Commoners, Piers, Drunks and Thieves and if this track doesn’t put a smile on your face I think you need to go away and re-evaluate your life.

To say that this is an awesome feel good tune would be to do its disservice. Harking back to the 2 tone golden age of the early 80’s ‘Radio’ bounces along with an infectious childlike enthusiasm that means it simply can’t be ignored. It makes you want to smile, bob your head and dance like a toddler who’s had too many Smarties. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes it’s a whirlwind of sunny happiness; the only negative that will come from listening to this tune is the fact that you’ll probably wear out the repeat button on your generic fruit based mp3 player.

The Talks have managed to set happiness to music, and for that reason alone this track deserves 3 minutes of your time. What an absolutely glorious record.

Radio is officially released today 30th June 2014

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