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Single Review: In Search Of Sun – The World Is Yours

A couple of months ago I discovered the ear splitting, hard hitting, musical kick in the face that was Driven. I reviewed their debut EP A Breakdown Of Character and while it hit hard and made a real impression, I was actually quite critical as I just felt that in these 5 guys there was potential for a hell of a lot more.

Well fast forward a couple of months and Driven are back; except they aren’t Driven anymore they are now called In Search Of Sun. According to social media the band say that the name change was due to a slight change in direction, and if this new single is a taster of this new direction then I think they might have found the magic formula.

‘The World Is Yours’ is the song that I really wanted them to make. If I could have put into musical form what I thought the band could sound like when I was reviewing their previous EP then I would have created this track. All the old Driven trademarks are still there, but there is now also a bit more subtlety and seemingly a bit more thought gone into the whole process.

The vocal is as big as ever but with more use being made of frontman Adam’s ‘singing’ voice, the scream which was a major part of their previous material at least on this track, has gone. The guitars are as heavy as you like while the solo soars freakishly high as machine gun like drums hammer the track forwards.

There might be a bit more subtlety to proceedings now but that doesn’t mean that this track isn’t as heavy as their previous work, instead it just has a bit more for a casual listener to grab on to, and this i feel could lead to the band picking up a load more new fans which can only be a good thing.

‘The World Is Yours’ is the ideal hard rock/metal single. The production is flawless, the guitars crisp and the whole sound is brilliantly polished. Old fans will love it, and new fans will flock to it. Bring on the album.

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