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Throwback Thursday: Dr Dre – My Life (Smoking Weed For Hours)

As you will have probably noticed I have been stupidly busy over the course of the last few weeks so I have neglected this feature a little bit, but I was listening to this track earlier and I felt like I had to share it.

This is the first time I have picked a song for Throwback Thursday that hasn’t ever actually been released, but that doesn’t make it any less of a classic trust me.

The story goes that this track was prepared for Dre’s 2nd album which would have come out on Death Row, but as we know the album never saw the light of day. To start with when Tupac signed with the label all things got moved to focus on him. (‘California Love’ was actually going to appear on this Dr Dre album but he was basically told he had to give it to Tupac) Of course then Tupac got killed, the label got into all sorts of trouble, Dre left and that was the end of that. But some of the music from the unfinished project is still lying around on the internet, like this classic track.

You can tell that this, ‘California Love’ and even ‘Been There Done That’ are from a similar era just by the production style, you can almost join the dots and trace the progression between ‘The Chronic’ and ‘2001,’ these tracks mark the halfway house between those two albums.

What’s for sure is that this album that never saw the light of day would have been a classic, just on the strength of the material that is still kicking around. It might be un-mastered but there is just a great feel to the track and one of those that slip under the radar and that is why this is this week’s choice for Throwback Thursday.

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