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Single Review: The Taskers – Hogs From Hell

I floated on social media last week that I had linked up with a few different people to bring you some new music over the coming months and here are the first results of one of those link ups; the brand new single from brother/sister rock band The Taskers.

Strictly independent and operating staunchly on a DIY basis The Taskers formed back in early 2012, when Sophie (Tasker) hooked up with brother Jack to form the band on the proviso that they move away from his existing acoustic tracks. 2 years and 4 albums later we have arrived here at the release of the duos next single ‘Hogs From Hell.’

By the bands own admission the material from their latest album (The bands fifth) Rat Residence is darker than anything they have done previously and that is very much in evidence here. ‘Hogs From Hell’ is as grungy as anything that’s out right now as well as being anything but conventional.

You could say that the main riff has its origins in funk but it’s pitched so low it’s dirtier than last night’s kebab. And much like last night’s kebab it really hits the spot. The distorted vocals fit the track perfectly and give it a real edge. Quite early on a guitar solo kicks in which features some brilliant guitar work before everything strips back into a strange interlude. The track clunks along like a late night wander to the bathroom in the dark before the drums and guitar crash back into view with a vengeance.

The final section of the track is shorter and the only constant is the thudding of the drums. The guitar sounds like in the studio they have reversed it and have recorded the sounds backwards. Think of the intro to ‘The Beautiful People’ by Marilyn Manson.

As I said earlier this track is just a tad unconventional, it doesn’t really follow a traditional structure and it just sounds different. Let’s put it this way there is more chance of me sleeping with Eva Mendes than this there is of this track appearing on Radio 1 but that’s part of the appeal. It stands out. The guitar work is great and you can’t deny that the track is interesting; it’s a real unique spectacle. But above all else it is definitely worth a listen.

Hogs From Hell is released on 5th March 2014.

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