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Single Review: The Sonic Revolvers – Wishing Well

Some of you may remember just a month over ago I reviewed the previous single from these guys and well it took me a while to warm to it. For a long time I just wasn’t sure about it. Even when I did grow to like the record it still didn’t quite feel like a single to me, there wasn’t quite that killer hook you really need from a single. This isn’t to say that it wasn’t a good track because it is; I just didn’t think that as a single it didn’t tick enough boxes.

Well The Sonic Revolvers are back with a brand new track called ‘Wishing Well’ and it is fantastic. It is so much more instant ‘Loco Lifestyle,’ the guitar riff right from the off really pulls you in. The track is just heavier all over and it’s all the better for it, the song writing also feels a bit more rounded and a bit more polished. The vocal is totally on point and the guitar solo is first class.

I think the whole song just works on every level, it’s a great track in its own right plus it works brilliantly well as a single, it really gives the first time listener something to hook onto.

As I keep saying and will keep saying there are some brilliantly talented rock bands out there at the minute putting out some fantastic music, and on this evidence The Sonic Revolvers and ‘Wishing Well’ are right up there.

‘Wishing Well’ is officially released on 2nd June, but you can hear the track by clicking the link below.


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