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Single Review: The Jackobins – The Otherside

This track landed in my inbox around 3 weeks ago and I have been seriously looking forward to sharing it with you ever since. Everyone knows that feeling where they hear a track; they instantly love it, and then spend the rest of the day buzzing about this song EVERYONE in the world should know about. This is definitely one of those.

The Jackobins are a 5 piece indie outfit from Liverpool. I think this really famous band came from there back in the day but I’m not sure. Anyway back to the task in hand, The band are made up of Dominic Bassnet (Vocals) Veso (Guitar) John Whittingham (Keys) Chris Marriott (Bass) and Marc Terry. (Drums) Their influences range from The Doors to Black Sabbath, with a little bit of Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash sprinkled in along the way for good measure. And this is what I made of their brand new single The Otherside.

Just a bit of geeky background for you first, this track was actually recorded at the Motor Museum studio, now that probably doesn’t amount to much in itself but the mighty Oasis and the best band to come out of these isles in the last decade The Arctic Monkeys have recorded there in the past. That’s some nice pedigree if you ask me.

I have been sent quite a few indie tunes in recent weeks that are going to be absolutely perfect for summer and this is another one. The tone of the guitar and the light skipping drum beat just project a feel good atmosphere.

The vocal is brilliant fitting the track perfectly and Bassnett obviously has a lot of range so there is some serious scope for the band to experiment in the future. I love the guitar work on the track and the production is top class, basically I can’t really fault the tune at all.

Like I said in the intro there are some tracks that just grab you and this really was one of those. There really isn’t anything in it that I would change. If you are into indie then you will have this track in heavy rotation for the weeks and months to come.

The Otherside is superbly catchy and smile inducing; it’s a real summer anthem. Without question an instant indie classic.

The Otherside is out now. You can hear it by clicking the link below.


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