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Single Review: Jake Evans – This Is Life

There are a million reasons why I love reviewing music and this tune has provided me with an example of one of them. I’m just sat chilling not up to very much and then out of nowhere this absolute gem of a record lands in my inbox, as you can probably tell that made this reviewer a very happy man.

You may well know Jake Evans from his work as co-frontman for Bad Lieutenant, or the fact he has opened for the likes of Paul Weller and New Order but if you managed to miss all of that then it’s definitely time to get acquainted.

‘This Is Life’ is Evans’ second solo single and it is pure class from start to finish. The track has a real anthemic quality; you’ll be singing the chorus for days. The vocal is first class and the guitar solo rather than coming across as a personal indulgence like on some tracks it really adds to proceedings.

This is one of those tracks that should come with ‘summer anthem’ written on the cover. Whether you are out driving, having drinks with a few mates or just cleaning the car this tune should be part of your soundtrack. It’s just a great feel good rock record; flawless.

‘This Is Life’ is released on 16th June


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