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Single Review: Alavano – Take Away The Pain

I like to think that I operate a broad church over here at The Musical Outcast and I will now try and prove this to you.

Much like The Taskers the other day this track has found its way to me via Plugginbaby, which based on the talent that I have already heard from over there is a tip in itself.

Hailing from Glasgow, Alavano formed back in 2012 and have steadily been picking up momentum and plaudits ever since. The band are made up of Ocean Adams (Vocals) Stephen Brown (Guitar) Gen ‘The General’ Ferguson (Keyboards) Tom Glasgow (Bass) and Craig Harkness (Drums) This track isn’t out for another week or so but it has been gaining traction on social media and on radio all over the place so instead of sitting on it for any longer I’m going to jump on the bandwagon.

If you are a regular reader of the blog I’m probably not surprising you by saying that I’m not normally a fan of pop ballads, but this one is different. I think you have to approach everything with an open mind and it has really served me well here.

I have always maintained that all the best songs make you feel something that can be anything from laughter to breaking down in floods of tears but in one way or another it has some effect on you, and that couldn’t be truer here. The track just draws you in. The lyrics are sung with such passion and with such a sincerity you really feel what the track is all about. Add in some sweeping strings and you have a seriously brilliant ballad. On some level or another everyone can relate to the lyrics and even the hardest of hard men will have ‘something in their eye’ come the end of the track.

It’s not overblown, and like a lot of songs of this type it’s not trying too hard to try and manufacture emotion, the emotion just arrives naturally. The production is fantastic and in short it just ticks all the boxes.

Just take 5 minutes to yourself, shut off from the rest of the world and give this a listen.

‘Take Away The Pain’ is released on 19th May


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