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Single Review: If You Like To Dance – Wasting Time

Completely by accident I seem have developed a reputation for reviewing the best hard rock music around. As nice as this is that was never my intention. The aim was always to bring you the reader the best MUSIC full stop. No genres and no limits. Don’t get me wrong I love a real soaring guitar solo more than I love some relatives but there is a hell of a lot more to music than that. So with that in mind I introduce to you a duo who goes by the name ‘If You Like To Dance.’(IYLTD)

Comprised of Chris Gibson and Andy Hoskinson IYLTD are already making some big waves on the pop landscape in this country but I have a feeling that there is plenty more to come.

The Manchester based partnership started out on their musical journey back in 2009 with their debut single ‘Skin & Bones’ receiving airplay on Radio 1 no less. That’s the history lesson out of the way now for the real reason that you’re all here; I have some new music for you.

‘Wasting Time’ is the 1st single taken from the band’s brand new EP ‘Vices.’ (I’ll have a review of said EP up around the end of the week) The track itself is a slow build; the keyboard intro really brings the song slowly to life almost setting the scene. The lyrics are simple enough but they tell a story that everyone can relate to.

‘So you wake up in the morning after another wasted weekend, in the town that you were born in. Where you drink til you forget about that girl you’ve been missing.’

There’s no need to try and be clever when you can say what you want to say in a way that will make everyone go ‘Yeah I know that feeling.’ Oasis made a career out of it! It’s what made them so successful, and in my eyes the brilliant band that they were.

The sparse sounding drums on the track set a tempo that is quite slow and deliberate but that means that you can take everything in. This also helps give the song a great sing along quality, which every great pop single needs. And that’s exactly what it is, a great pop single.

From the slow building intro, to the lyrics, to the drum led bridge it will get stuck in your head, and its tailor made for mainstream radio play. If this track was by an established artist with a ‘name’ it would chart top 10 no problem. It’s pop with a slight edge and real musical credibility, not something you get all too often these days, and for that reason if nothing else IYLTD and this track deserve your attention.


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