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Single Review: Auctioneers – You Got It Bad

I have been bringing you quite a few live reviews over the last couple of weeks (Not that there is anything wrong with that) but I now have something brand new for your little ears. The band will be new to many of you, so by default this tune will be too.

The Auctioneers are a 4 piece rock band coming out of Glasgow Scotland, and what I have here is my thoughts on their 2nd ever recording a song going by the name ‘You Got It Bad.’ The band themselves are Kev Murray (Vocals, Guitar) Greg Leighton (Guitar, Backing Vocals) Suv Sutherland (Bass) and Steve Hughes (Drums) As I say this is their 2nd ever recording and it dropped within the last couple of weeks so it’s still fresh ladies and gentlemen.

The track itself opens with what for all intents and purposes is a guitar solo, nice and understated though. The tone is great, think Slash ‘Appetite for Destruction’ era. For that matter in certain places the song does have a bit of a Guns and Roses feel. It’s maybe not as epic but I think there is definitely a touch of their influence in there.

There’s something of a classic rock feel to the whole thing, something very honest. The vocal is good and strong but resists the temptation to try and totally take centre stage and the song benefits as a result. The riff from the intro makes a return towards the end of the track as it leads into a nice solo, before a classic rock n roll finish rounds things off.

It’s impossible to judge a band off one track but there is definitely something likable about the Auctioneers sound. It’s uncomplicated and almost understated which in my book can certainly be a good thing as it is here. There’s plenty of replay value, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be keeping an eye on these guys to see what’s next.

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