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EP Review: If You Like To Dance – Vices

I know I’m not the first person to say this and I’m sure as hell that I won’t be the last, but it really is amazing what you can find on the internet. I say this because a few weeks ago totally by chance I stumbled across a track from Chis Gibson and Andy Hoskinson, the duo better known as If You Like To Dance. (IYLTD)

Fast forward a few weeks and I have sat on my hard drive a copy of the band’s new EP ‘Vices.’ Since having had one of their previous tracks played on Radio 1 these guys really have been gaining some momentum all over the internet and on social media, so my expectations for this record were pretty high. The fact that I reviewed the lead single from this project a couple of weeks ago only served to raise expectations even further.

I wrote in a review a few weeks back how some tracks, EP’s, albums are just instant and this is the perfect example. I hope I’m not doing the actual music too much of a disservice saying that but everything just clicks straight away.

Opening track ‘Wasting Time’ serves as the lead single for the project and it’s a perfect fit for the role. The song builds from a slow keyboard intro into a great anthemic chorus. Lyrically it’s simple enough and has that ‘every man’ style to it, but as a single that’s exactly what you want. You hear the song on the radio at work and straight away you’re going yeah I know that feeling.  (I look at the track in a bit more depth in the review wrote not long ago so go and check that out)

‘Missing Parts’ sees proceedings kick up a gear, there’s a real weekend vibe to this track. Think anything that Example has released in the last few years but better and a bit more sophisticated. The strong drum track keeps the song pounding along at a good pace, and again the hook will get stuck in your head.

The next track ‘Gold & Silver’ should come with a nice big neon sign that has ‘SATURDAY NIGHT’ written across it in huge letters. If you wrote ‘produced by Calvin Harris’ on this track you would be hearing it in every bar and every club you set foot in for the next 6 months. The strong beat and melody kick everything along nicely and will get stuck in your head in no time. And lyrically… ‘This is the highlight of my life. I think I love you babe but only for tonight.’  Let’s face it who hasn’t peered through the flashing lights and alcohol induced mist at their local night spot and thought that?

Final track ‘Sleep’ will make you do anything but. The opening verse and the bridge later on feel all a bit Daft Punk (High praise trust me) and this is interspersed with an absolutely thumping chorus. There are echoes of garage in the drums, but like everything has been turned up to 11.

‘Vices’ is an absolute triumph. I have previously described IYLTD as ‘pop with a slight edge and real musical credibility’ and I totally stand by that. Front to back the production is flawless, the vocals are spot on. This is a band who know what they are good at and have found their lane. It’s original, its fresh, its electro-pop at its very best. Like I said it’s amazing what you can find on the internet.

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