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Throwback Thursday: Kid Rock – American Badass

In terms of musical integrity Kid Rock will never be up there with Hendrix, and yeah it’s fashionable to just hate on the guy for the fact his style was a bit weird and he’s white and rapped a bit. BUT I don’t care what anyone says this is a kick ass record. The type of tune where you hit play and get that walk on like ‘Yeah I run this ish…’ (Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about)

Back in the day I had a serious love of wrestling  and this was the theme music for The Undertaker, and that’s where I first heard it and I just loved it ever since. The song takes a lot of the instrumental structure from Metallica ‘Sad But True’ which is another track I think it just pure class.

You can call this a guilty pleasure or whatever you want but I know for a fact there will be loads of you of my generation listening to this and bopping your old school wrestling nostalgia filled head. Go on don’t be shy.


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