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Throwback Thursday: Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds

It seems ridiculous that I have been running this feature for the best part of a year and I haven’t used an Elvis record. How is this even possible?! My dad would be shocked I’m telling you.

So here we go. This song was written, recorded and released by Mark James in 1968 but was a commercial failure. It was then passed to Pressley by record producer Chips Morman. The newly recorded version by Pressley was released on 26th August 1969 and went on to become his 17thand final number 1 in the US.

The song tells the story of a dysfunctional relationship (We’ve all had a few of those) and a couple who are trying to work through their problems. It obviously struck a chord with the record buying public and was seen as the record which brought success to Pressley’s career after a slump.

So there you have it, it’s an old one but it is without doubt a classic.

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