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Single Review:Face Of A Stranger- Shutting Me Down

The hype around this band right now is absolutely crazy. Now if you are a big music fan like myself you will know that 90% of the time hype means absolutely nothing but, there is always that odd occasion where you catch on to something and it stops you, and all you want to do is make other people hear what you’ve just heard. You might have stumbled across it by accident but once you’ve heard it, it grabbed you and you’ll spend the next however long boring your mates to tears with how they need to listen to this track.

Every music fan worth their salt can relate to what I’ve just said and this is exactly what happened to me when I first heard this band, I really think that they are that good.

And all of this brings us to their 1st ever single, Shutting Me Down. This track has been a staple of their live shows for quite a while now but this is the first time that it has been put to record and laid down in a studio, and honestly it doesn’t disappoint.

You want a big sound… tick. You want a powerful rock vocal…tick. You want big guitars mixed with huge polished drums…tick. This is hard rock at its finest. From the Nirvana esque intro (think Come As You Are) to the big thundering chorus, it’s all there, and it all adds up to what is a fantastic track.

And to top it off for you music nerds like me out there it’s stupidly well produced. All the sounds are crisp and clear, but the guitars, bass and drums still hit you hard, that raw energy is still there.

You will be able to get your hands on it soon as it will be appearing on their debut EP that will be coming out on Friday. It will be available for free at their 1st ever headline show at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton.

Right, I’ve waxed lyrical enough about this track and this band in general, but I’m not going to tell you what to like. Check it out for yourselves. Apparently this track is also getting a play on 102.5 The Bridge tonight, and I’m sure it will get some rotation in the coming weeks.

Anyway enough of me, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I bring to you, Face Of A Stranger and Shutting me Down. Enjoy.

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