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Throwback Thursday: Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

This is going to be the most self-indulgent instalment of this feature, but being a writer has got to have some perks right? Something has got to make up for the fact it’s the loneliest profession known to man.

The only surprising thing about this artist and this song is the fact it’s taken me until now to use them as part of Throwback Thursday. Ladies and gentlemen I bring to you Jimi Hendrix and one of the greatest records of all time, Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

It’s taken from the 1968 debut of The Jimi Hendrix Experience ‘Electric Ladyland.’ The track came out of another song on the album ‘Voodoo Chile’ which is basically a 15 minute blues jam. For you music geeks out there that’s where the ‘Slight Return’ part of the name comes from.

It became a fan favourite, and a staple of Hendrix live shows, with probably the best known performance coming at Woodstock in 69. It was ranked 101st on Rolling Stone’s list of 500 greatest songs of all time as well as going to number 1 in the UK, in 1970 after the singers untimely death earlier on that year. Hulk Hogan even used this as his entrance music, what more do you want!!!??

If this opening riff doesn’t make you want to be a guitarist, then my friend you’re doing it wrong. Play this LOUD!!!

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