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Stateside With Christopher Pierznik: Episode 10 My Five Favourite Hip Hop Documentaries

Documentaries – unfairly – have long been seen as a snob’s film of choice. Instead of watching things blow up or men in capes fight evil or two people clumsily fall in love, documentaries are serious movies for serious people about serious things. That’s the only reaction when you see people speaking to (or next…


Stateside With Christopher Pierznik: Episode 9 Does The Album Still Have A Place In Music?

Back in 2009, I wrote a blog post for XXL in which I wondered if mixtapes were becoming better – and more important – than albums. My contention was that there are certain artists – Jadakiss, for example – that are better suited for the mixtape circuit, so they should really be judged on their…


Stateside With Christopher Pierznik: Episode 8 Guru: The Overlooked Great

This month will mark the sixth anniversary of the death of Keith Elam, better known as Guru, one-half of the legendary group Gang Starr. Unfortunately, Guru, who was already one of the most underrated emcees in hip-hop history, has had his memory and legacy besmirched and exploited in recent years by his last musical associate,…


Stateside With Christopher Pierznik: Episode 7 Requiem For The Hip-Hop Soundtrack

Let us all bow our heads and take a moment to remember the hip-hop soundtrack. While 1983’s Wild Style is widely recognized as the first rap soundtrack, the trend really began in earnest at the beginning of the 1990s and, aside from a few exceptions, lasted for about a decade. At a time when mixtapes…



As regular readers know the Musical Outcast prides itself on bringing you all kinds of music based goodness first, and today is no different. That is because I officially can bring to you the exclusive world video premiere for the new Fifth Quarter track Meet Me In. Meet Me In is the second instalment in…


Stateside With Christopher Pierznik: Episode 6 The NBA & Hip-Hop: Til Death Do They Part

“Should I sell drugs, be a rap thug, or play ball?” – LL Cool J Basketball and hip-hop have been inexorably linked for decades. Basketball is a game that is played globally, of course, but unlike many other sports that need big facilities or piles of expensive equipment or lots of empty space, a basketball hoop…


Kanye West Drops Full Version Of ‘No More Parties In L.A’ Feat Kendrick Lamar

It might not be Friday but Mr West has dropped the full version of his new track No More Parties In L.A. I’ve got to say that i’m feeling this a hell of a lot more than i would. Feels like Kanye has rolled back the years a little bit with this one, plus it’s featuring Kendrick….

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