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The Taskers Live @ The Met – 18th April 2015

On a hot summer night (I’m guessing about the weather I can’t actually remember) last year I saw The Taskers bring the house down at The Flapper in deepest, darkest Birmingham. However since then a lot has changed. For one I’ve started using moisturiser, but this isn’t about me… The hard hitting, grunge/punk/rock duo have…


Myth City + Secrets Of Mariana + The Arkhamists Live @ The Flapper – 20th March 2015

Last Friday night I had the pleasure and it really was a pleasure ladies and gentlemen to be at The Flapper in Birmingham teaming up with Univibe Audio Recording Studio. The gig was basically a showcase of bands who have recorded at the Birmingham based studio, and what a showcase of talent it was. Bit…


Jenny Hepton Live @ Soundcontrol Manchester – 16th January 2015

On Friday I went on what can only be described as an adventure. I battled other people’s motorway accidents as well as my own inability to find a parking space among other things as I made my way to Soundcontrol in Manchester. Now normally I would have been annoyed at travelling for all of those…


The Crimson Star Live @ o2 Academy 3 Birmingham – 9th December 2014

It feels like it has been forever since I have been able to bring you a live review with some nice shiny pictures so I hope you enjoy this one. As you will have seen on Tuesday I braved the crappy West Midlands weather with official Musical Outcast photographer Claire Trojnacki (justclairephotography) to go and…

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