Stateside With Christopher Pierznik: Episode 5 Prince Among Thieves - Hip-Hop's Best Picture

It is once again award season. The People’s Choice Awards, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and the Academy Awards all take place over the first two months of the year, so who deserves recognition for their work is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Despite hip-hop’s complicated history with the Grammys, it is the still…


Stateside With Christohper Pierznik: Episode 4 Rap Foes Turned Friends

Although it is often seen as an easy way to generate sales or cultivate attention, there is still real animosity in hip-hop. There have always been rap beefs and there will always be rap beefs. It’s one of the byproducts of a genre that is so dependent upon competition and ego. Many are the result…


How Ex’s Can Ruin Your Music Collection As Well As Your Life The Fight To Reclaim Your Favourite Song

Before i go any further i want to give a shout to justclairephotography and her lovely models Louise and Robert Skelton-Stroud for letting me use that amazing photo which you can see above. Claire does all of the photography which appears on the site and is pretty damn awesome at what she does. Check her…


Stateside With Christopher Pierznik: Episode 3 The Best Three Album Runs In Hip-Hop History

Making a great album is not easy. Making another one is even tougher. However, the task of making three great albums in a row is a rare feat indeed, one that the vast majority of hip-hop artists, even the great ones, have failed to do. Don’t believe me? Think about this: neither of the (arguably)…


Stateside With Christopher Pierznik Episode 2 Sorry, But There’s No Such Thing as “Real Rap”

A social media war of words broke out late last month after Angel Diaz, a writer at Complex, threw down the gauntlet and proclaimed that fans of “real” rap were basically haters, beginning his piece by writing, “You old head, super lyrical motherfuckers need to get over yourselves,” and proceeding to go so far as…


Stateside With Christopher Pierznik: Episode 1 Rap Voltron: Building the Ultimate MC

Almost since the birth of hip-hop music, there have been arguments over who is the best MC. That competition is at the very heart of battle rap. The earliest rhymes were derived either from attempts to liven up the party or boasting about being better than everyone else. The best of the best, of course,…

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