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Album Review: John Jenkins and That Sure Thing – Honeymoon Hangover

Liverpool born singer/songwriter John Jenkins has become a bit of a regular fixture on these pages under his various artistic guises and he’s back with a new project. Under the banner of John Jenkins and That Sure Thing the album finds Jenkins as chief songwriter while teaming up with a host of critically acclaimed guest…


Album Review: MeMe Detroit – Live To Love You’ll Love To Live

It feels like a lifetime ago now but last month I had the pleasure of attending the launch show for this album and what a great night out it was Birmingham it was too. Cold; but great. So after braving the aforementioned Arctic conditions I think it’s only right that I give the actual record…


Album Review: Valous – The Devil’s Seven

Until very recently Valous were always one of those bands whose name I’d seen about quite a lot and heard good things about but never actually seen live or heard anything from. Alas it seemed our paths were destined to never cross until one windswept Wolverhampton April evening I finally found them. On that particular…

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