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Single Review: DMS – Howl

For my money there aren’t many things in life better than live music. Yes I know, food, sex and private yachts are all well and good but you can’t put a price on that moment when a band or artist takes the stage and blows you away. The best part about it, is that you might never have heard the band before, but that moment of discovery is something special.

It’s been a little while since I experienced that magic feeling due to simply just not being at that many gigs anymore but then I stumbled across DMS in March. I was actually up in Manchester catching up with The Rainband but DMS would have smashed so many bands off the stage that night, with the Mancunian group only being saved by a sensational performance of their own.

Following on from that night I made it my mission to get the band and their music on these pages, and although a little later than planned, today I manage that. Hailing from north of the boarder and based in Edinburgh, DMS are John Keenan (Vocals) Mikey Robertson (Guitar) Jake McCracken (Keyboard) Euan Mushet (Bass) and Callum Saint (Drums).

The reason that I’ve taken to my keyboard today is the band’s new single Howl. And what a new single it is. It’s powerful, crunches along at a cracking pace and to top it off, is catchy as hell. Once this tune is on your head it isn’t going anywhere. The guitar work from Robertson really gives the track the spark that sets it alight, while the vocal from Keenan delivers on every level. Basically; this is a banging little tune.

If you haven’t heard of DMS before Howl is the perfect introduction. It’s tracks like this that made me fall in love with this band and it’s tracks like this that will make you do the same.

It’s at this point I always drop a link in so you can hear the song I’m talking about, but today is a little different. I could only lay my hands on a live performance and while it’s not the best quality, the apparently slightly drunk Scottish guy shouting ‘Fucking yaaaaassss!’ down the camera at the song’s conclusion is something that deserves to be shared.

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