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Single Review: MeMe Detroit – Soc Med Junkies

If you had an eye on the website during its initial run then the name MeMe Detroit will not be unfamiliar to you. I’ve featured this very talented lady and her band on several occasions. She’s a bit of a maverick, not afraid to go her own way and makes it all look effortlessly cool. It also helps that I’m a huge fan of her music. Her debut album Live to Love You’ll Love to Live still gets regular rotation in my car stereo on long journeys, so you know that I was more than a little intrigued when this track dropped into my inbox.

It’s been a little while since we’ve had any new music from Detroit but what better to come back than with a cracking little tune like this. Not only does Soc Med Junkies have the now signature grungy undertones and vocal snarl that we’ve come to expect but the song also makes a very strong social point. Mainly that we all need to chill the hell out with social media, and more specifically the positive outcomes that can be achieved by taking just a little step back and spending more time focussing in on the real world. This comes hot on the heels of the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal which broke earlier on this week, so arguably the track has never been more relevant.

I’m a big fan of this tune as not only is it a good track to just jam to on a superficial level it’s actually saying something and making a point when you really dial into it. And who doesn’t love fuzzy, crunching guitars anyway? I love the video as well, if nothing else because as always Detroit has tried to do things a little differently and be a bit creative. I’m also taking a stand in favour of face paint in music videos, we need more. Also, the bit where the video ‘buffers’ a.k.a every teenage boys worst nightmare, is a cool little touch.

Soc Med Junkies is officially released into the world on 30th March with a special launch show at The Actress and Bishop in Birmingham on the 29th. But for now you can check out and enjoy the track and it’s accompanying video below.

Live Dates

Thurs 29th March – Actress & Bishop, Birmingham (Official launch party)

Fri 30th March – The Dublin Castle, London

Sat 31st March – Greater Manchester

Sat 12th May – The Shed – Leicester

Sat 19th May – Chaplins, Bournemouth

Friday 13th July – The Finsbury




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