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Single Review: Hell’s Addiction – We’re On Fire

I’m a little late with this one, as I’m still playing catch up through the thousands of emails that I received when I stopped writing, but it’s such a great tune, I just had to get it on the site.

The track in question is the latest single from Hell’s Addiction and although it has now been out for a couple of weeks I had to bring it to you. The Leicester 5 piece comprised of Ben Sargent (Vocals) Liam Sargent (Guitar) Dan Weir (Guitar, backing vocals) Jason Green (Bass) and Luke Morley (Drums) have crafted a balls to wall style of rock that you simply can’t ignore.

We’re On Fire isn’t so much a piece of music as an audio assault. You don’t choose to listen to it, it forces you to listen to it. The vocals are get right up in your face early doors, the guitar solo is mesmeric and that rhythm section… man; those damn drums are heavy…

As frontman Ben Sargent explains; “This is the second song from our forthcoming EP and quite simply it’s our best material to date. I’m so proud of the band; we’ve gone up a level right across the board, from musicianship, to performance, to song-writing. We’ve polished a turd and discovered a diamond!! Ha!.”

If this is the standard, then I cannot wait to get my hands on that new EP. I can’t speak highly enough of this track, it’s just everything I want from my rock music. Sometimes you hear a song and it hits you so hard you fall back in your seat and mutter slightly out of breath “What a fucking tune…”

We’re On Fire is that song. Play it now and play it bloody loud!

We’re On The Road Again 2018

Sat 10 Mar – The Globe, Glossop

Fri 23 Mar – The Iron Road, Evesham w/ Fireroad

Fri 30 Mar – The Black Heart, London

Sat 31 Mar – Dementia Aware Fest, The Station, Cannock

Sat 07 Apr – B2, Brickmakers, Norwich

Sat 28 Apr – Asylum 2, Birmingham

Sat 05 May – NLC Fest, The Maze, Nottingham

You can get your tickets here.


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