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Single Review: Tomorrow Is Lost – We Are The Lost

It takes a special kind of bravery or madness depending on your viewpoint, for a band to take the stage for the first time having met only twice in the flesh previously, but last year that’s exactly what Tomorrow Is Lost did.

The Newcastle based quintet made up of Cass King (Vocals) Joe Mac (Guitar) Ryan O’Hara (Guitar) Adam Clements (Bass) and Max Mackenzie (Drums) are a band overflowing with potential. We Are The Lost is the follow up to the band’s debut single Insane which was released at the back end of next year. As soon as I heard their debut they had my attention, there’s just something about these guys that makes you sit up and take notice.

I think the key word when it comes to this band and this track is ‘power.’ Their sound is just insanely powerful. King’s vocal flips your world upside down in a style reminiscent of Becky Roberts of old Outcast favourites One Last Run. The rip-roaring riffs that crunch through the heart of this song really drive it forward and were put on this Earth to ruin your speakers and the lives of your neighbours. While the chorus soars above the rest of the chaos and gives you that perfect singalong moment.

We Are The Lost is a tune that just gets better with every listen, and the best bit is that I don’t think that we’ve heard even 75% of what these guys could be capable of. They’re like a Halestorm/Alter Bridge/Temonti hybrid, without any of the polish. The band have got this grittiness about them and I hope they manage to maintain these rough edges going forward, I think they’ll lose that bit of magic should they ever sound ‘too perfect.’

The long and short of it is that this new single is a cracker from a band with frightening potential. They just have something… they’re miles away from being the finished article but there’s no doubt in my mind that this is a band to watch.

Alongside the new track the band have also made available their cover of Sia’s Elastic Heart which is also more than worth a listen. You can find that track here.

Live Dates

Mar 04 Lendal Cellars, York

Mar 16 The Patriot, Newport

Mar 23 Empire, Rochdale

Mar 24 Little Buildings, Newcastle

Mar 30 Three Tuns, Gateshead

Mar 31 The Station, Cannock

Apr 07 The Mill, Crook


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