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Single Review: Gin Annie – Fallin’

One of the best things about being involved in the British music scene right now is the sheer number of amazing rock and metal bands that are forcing their way up through the ranks. As Brits we can often be a little down on ourselves, but I think that this is something we can be genuinely proud of. Probably the coolest thing for me about coming back to covering music again in recent weeks has been discovering all these new and awesome bands. Bands like Gin Annie.

The Wolverhampton based quintet made up of Dave Foster (Vocals) Byron Garbett (Guitar, vocals) Brian Green (Guitar, vocals) Phil ‘Hammer’ Burrows (Bass) and Jack Ryland-Smith (Drums) to quote Public Enemy really ‘bring the noise!’ Their sound is simply huge. This has been aided by the recent additions of ‘Hammer’ and Brian as frontman Foster explains;

This is the sound we have been after for a while and the introduction of Brian and Hammer has allowed us to explore our heavier side whilst maintaining our melodic undertones.”

He continued, “It’s a really creative time for us at present. We are busy writing our debut album and have already played a number of shows to bed in the new boys. It feels great and I’m sure that will come across in the songs and in our live performance.”

I like my rock music to hit me straight between the eyes and the band’s new single Fallin’ does just that. Jay Shredder is behind the boards for the first time for the band and has managed to mould their raw energy into a compact yet thundering sound. This track is made for the live arena and it’s easy to picture a packed house belting out that chorus. I’d have maybe liked a longer guitar solo, but I get that sometimes less is more. All in all as you’ve probably guessed, I’m a big fan of the song and can’t wait to hear what the guys come up with next.

Fallin’ is out now.

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