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Single Review: The Vigil – Find A Way

There’s a kind of beautiful symmetry about this band, song and email arriving in my inbox today. When I was first trying to launch this humble website into the stratosphere I reviewed a band called The Vigil and a song called Do You Feel Alive. That track was taken from the bands upcoming debut album Save Our Souls. So, it’s made me smile this afternoon when I realised that I’d have the chance to feature the last song to be taken from that same record Find A Way.

That being said, hearing this track has also made me feel a tinge of regret that I couldn’t review that debut album. (I’ll try to time my disappearances better in future) Find A Way is a brilliant grunge enthused single. It’s rough around the edges, gritty and not too polished but that’s the point and part of the appeal. I love the rawness of this and the rest of the band’s material, and in this case, they have also crafted a chorus that deserves to be belted out at the top of your lungs.

In truth I’d forgotten how much I liked this band, but this track has served as an unexpected yet awesome reminder. I’d recommend going out and getting your hands on that album and getting acquainted with these guys, because they’re going to be making an impact for some time to come.

Find A Way is released on 17th November.

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