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Single Review: I The Mighty – Where The Mind Wants To Go

Flying out of San Francisco, and for the first time ever landing upon The Musical Outcast it gives me great pleasure to present to you alt-rockers I The Mighty.

The quartet are gearing up for a huge end to the year and on the evidence of this track I am firmly aboard the bandwagon. That’s because Where The Mind Wants To Go is an absolutely huge tune! It grabs your attention straight from the off and for the next 3 minutes and 49 seconds you’re given no choice but to let yourself get taken into the musical whirlwind. Piston-like drums power the track forward at breakneck speed before giving way to an ‘arena-ready’ chorus. Seriously; that hook is meant to be sung by thousands.

I could eulogise about this track all day, it gets better with every listen and I am all over it to say the least.

I mentioned above that the final 3 months of 2017 are going to be huge for these guys and here ladies and gentlemen is why. Where The Mind Wants To Go dropped this week, their debut album Where The Mind Wants To Go/Where You Let It Go is officially released on the 20th of this month with a UK tour to follow in December. Details of all of the above can be found below.

I’d be lying if I said that I knew much about the band before I heard this track but they are bang on my radar now. Big, big tune. Check it out below and let me know what you think.


‘Where The Mind Wants To Go/Where You Let It Go’

  1. Degenerates
  2. Pet Names
  3. Chaos In Motion
  4. Where the Mind Wants to Go
  5. Symphony of Skin
  6. Sleepwalker
  7. Escapism
  8. 111 Winchester
  9. The Sound of Breathing
  10. Silver Tongues (featuring Tilian)
  11. Where You Let It Go

UK Tour Dates

December 6th @ Garage – London

December 7th @ Academy 3 – Manchester

December 8th @ Cathouse – Glasgow

December 9th @ Institute 3 – Birmingham

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