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Single Review: Cat Lundy – Triggerman

Not for the first time in this site’s history I’m going to have to start this review off with a little apology. That being said, I haven’t done anything too stupid this time, or am I about to disappear for a year again. This time my only crime is to have let the side down as far as this singer and this track are concerned.

My God, I’m late to the party here.

But seeing as (Whisper it quietly) I really love this tune, I’m going to give you all the lowdown anyway.

One of the things that I love about getting to do this is the sheer variety of music that I get to hear. Yeah, it can be a little heavy on the rock and metal side at times but then along comes a gem of a song like Triggerman, and a performer like Cat Lundy.

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland classically trained vocalist and self-taught guitarist Cat Lundy has already graced stages all over the world, including performances in London, at ‘The Bitter End’ in New York and the world famous ‘House Of Blues’ in L.A.

However, as I’ve said on plenty of occasions all of that counts of absolutely nothing if the music is about as enjoyable as taking the bins out. Thankfully the only underwhelming thing here are my attempts to adequately describe how good this song is.

According to the main lady herself “Triggerman was inspired by a volatile and tumultuous relationship, it’s a song about empowerment… it’s about strength and moving on and taking your power back.” And the fact that she manages to blend that fighting spirit and that passion into such an outrageously smooth tune is quite an achievement. And when I say smooth, I mean if Marvin Gaye would have actually been created from pure honey and performed Heard It Through The Grapevine on an ice rink I’m still not sure that he would have been this smooth.

Lundy’s vocals are absolutely tremendous and the instrumentation is simply perfect. The guitar solo which glides the song towards its conclusion just left me grinning from ear to ear.

There’s a debut album on the way before the end of the year and I for one cannot wait to hear it. Sometimes you hear a song and it just grabs you and you feel like you’ve heard the future and just need to tell everyone about it. Triggerman is currently that song. So, I’d like to also finish this review with an apology, and say sorry to my lovely girlfriend for the excitable puppy of a grown ass man that she’s going to find when she comes home from work… I just love my job alright?!

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